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This year the Gala Fellowship of Churches invites us all to attend a series of events to mark Holy Week. These have been arranged as follows.

Sunday 25th March (Palm Sunday) St. John’s Church Langlee at 6.30pm

Monday 26th March in Our Lady and St. Andrew Church at 7.00 pm

Tuesday 27th March in Galashiels Baptist Church at 7.00 pm

(This service will be led by Rev. Neil Combe)

Wednesday 28th March in Trinity Church at 7.00 pm

In addition there will be an act of witness In TESCO on Good Friday (30th March) at 10.30am. Churches will unite in singing Easter Songs and distributing Hot Cross Buns. I would encourage as many of you as possible to be there to give whatever support we can.


1st Tuesday Of The Month  Lapwing Service 11.45 am

1st Monday of the Month – Prayer and Pudd for ladies from 2 – 3 pm

2nd Sunday Of The Month   Fellowship Lunch following service

Last Sunday Of The Month Prayer Breakfast 9.45 am

3rd Monday Of The Month  Healing Ministry 7.30 pm.

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