Our Church Profile

1. Who are we?

Our church family is made up of a diverse and distinctive group of people of mixed ages and drawn from various backgrounds. There has been a Baptist presence in the town for over 200 years.

We operate under Baptist Principles, acknowledging the Lordship of Jesus over our lives, the church and the whole wide world and accepting the Bible as the true Word of God. We are affiliated with the Baptist Union of Scotland adhering to the declaration of principle.

We want to build on what is already happening and to continue the good work. We would like to see further development of our Church life such as our Schools ’contact; Mother, carer and tots activities and Lunch club. We would like to develop our children and youth work and initiate work around the young families in our area. Our “vision” is that our Church building would be well used by the community as we reach out to those people in our locality. We want to see our Church filled with young families.

2. Where are we?

Galashiels Baptist Church is in the heart of the Scottish Borders. We are a small, welcoming, family friendly fellowship. Our membership is around 50 and we average 60 people at our one Sunday service each week. We are blessed with a very good music group which leads us in praise with a mixture of traditional and contemporary songs. We celebrate the Lord’s Supper most weeks. We have a very small number of children and young people and we try to include them in our worship; they also have their own teaching programmes.

Throughout the week five house groups meet to study God’s word, pray and to have fellowship.

A weekly lunch club caters for older people in the church and the community. Once a month, an optional service is held for them. We have a weekly prayer meeting. On Sundays, there is a youth club for S1 – S6. Our historic P1 – P7 Friday night outreach is currently under review. In order to develop this significant opportunity for reaching families around our church we need to recruit and train more helpers.

We provide a monthly Community Café in an attempt to reach out to our neighbourhood. A ladies Prayer and Pud meets monthly.

Our deaconate meets monthly and our elders weekly. We operate on a “core group” system including Pastoral, Mission and Administration groups. There is scope to develop all these core groups. We aim to send some of our leaders to the leadership academy towards the end of 2020 / 2021

We have developed good relationships with two local primary schools and provide assemblies and end of term services for the children and staff. An opportunity exists for input into the local academy and University campus.

We have recently upgraded our kitchen and toilet facilities and have made our premises available for Christian functions, private parties and community groups.

We have good relations with other Churches in the town and participate with the Fellowship of Churches in outreach activities.
Our Church actively supports various missionary organisations, including the Baptist Missionary Society and in particular, the BMS work in Chad.

3. How are we?

Financially, we have demonstrated that we can support full time Ministry. We have upgraded our toilet facilities and two years ago refurbished our kitchen area. We are debt free and have a healthy reserve as suggested by OSCR.

Although re adjusting to a Vacancy situation, we are able to maintain our worship services, ongoing activities and have plans for an outreach event in the autumn.

4. What are we looking for in a new Pastor?

We are looking for …

– A Pastor who has a Pastoral heart for people and a passion to see individuals come to faith.
– Someone who loves Jesus, prayerfully seeks God’s will, diligently studies the Bible and handles God’s word well – a good communicator.
– A team leader who will work with the support of the Church leadership, to strengthen and encourage his flock and help them grow in their relationships to God and each other.
– Someone who might discern and develop the “giftings” within the Fellowship.
– Someone who might encourage us in our mission to take God’s good news to our needy community.

We would expect our pastor to conform to the basic Baptist tenets of belief.

5. Ministry Practicalities

We are looking for a full time pastor. We have no manse, but would provide the housing allowance and stipend as advised in the Baptist Union guidelines.